Katie Harris

I'm constantly looking for ways to push myself physically and mentally.

Big shout out to this girl! She is the very definition of Fitness Inspiration! Utah Fitspo thru and thru and she is just getting started.

Katie is a big time athlete. She grew up none stop involved in sports and had developed a strong passion for volleyball. After high school she played on the UVU women’s club team and started coaching at Aces Athletics. This is her 4th year as a coach and she believes she found her calling in life.

During the summer of 2014 she set a goal to do a National Physic Competition inspired by her mother who had competed in one before. Her first competition she took 1st in both her classes and 2nd overall! On her 21st birthday she competed in Nationals. After competing in nationals, a couple weeks later returned to Utah to take the Overall title. She has stepped aside from competing to focus on getting certified as a trainer but still coaches posing for the competitions and competitors in the gym.  Health and wellness is apart of her everyday, by meal prepping, working hard at the gym, coaching and learning from others around her.
“I’m constantly looking for ways to push myself physically and mentally. Working in the gym everyday is where I can strength not only my body but my mind and believing in myself through anything.”
Katie Harris

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