Cahoots Fitness offers a nice change of pace.

A session at Cahoots is the perfect start to a productive day. Hit two birds with one errand!

Heard of Cahoots Fitness in Lehi, Utah? Cahoots is part of the Utah Fitness community and strives to bring an environment that is convenient for both Mom and child. Cahoots was founded in 2014 and has been featured on KSL and KUTV.  Their focus is in providing time, opportunity, and location to help Mothers of Utah get a workout in.

Cahoots Fitness specialize in exercise for women. Once your little one has jumped into the action of Movement Preschool or Baby Steps, you can slip into the next room and workout with top-notch group fitness instructors with other moms just like you.  This gym for women is the most comfortable and encouraging workout environment you can find…not to mention the only time you can find in your busy day to exercise. Oh, and Baby Steps is available for your baby who is too small for Movement Preschool, or just bring your baby to class in the carrier. It’s allowed!

Cahoots members belong to “Goals Groups,” which are small groups of friends who help each other set and accomplish goals to be healthy moms. Cahoots believes in nurturing your physical, emotional, social, and intellectual health in order to help you be the all-around best and happiest mom you can be–because healthy moms are happy moms! Our coaches are there to assist the goals groups at no additional cost to members.

A session at Cahoots is the perfect start to a productive day. You’ll love it, your kids will love it, and you can do it all in one place. Healthy kids, healthy moms. It’s a hoot! 

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  1. Such a great company!

    Cahoots offers such a fun environment. It really is the perfect fitness hybrid for Utah. It is perfect for Moms who want to stay fit with their busy schedules. They really put some fun into fitness and it is great for Moms and children alike.

  2. Megan M

    The best workout environment for moms and kids!

    The atmosphere at Cahoots is unlike any gym or fitness studio you will try! This is a gym for moms, and designed around the kids. My daughter loves her Movement Preschool class and is showing me new things that she learned in class every day! The workouts are effective and sweaty, but adaptable for all fitness levels.

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